Just Do Your Thing With Us

A community based feeling prevails at Savage & Palmer; our young and zealous members are
encouraged to own their day and seek better ways to do things. As a community, we look after
the personal and professional growth of our 150 member team of Account Executives,
Chartered Accountant Managers, HR, Operations, Sales and Marketing professionals.

Why Savage & Palmer?

The young and dynamic team at Savage & Palmer consists of individuals that share the same
passion for work and zest for life.

Customer centricity is at the heart of every decision and we work tirelessly to ensure a
seamless customer experience.

We foster a transparent enviornment based on an ownership mindset. People are encouraged
to speak their mind and ceate meaningful relationships with their collegaues and clients while
taking full accountability of their work and deliverables.

True to start-up culture, our poeple have a desire to know more and hence are never rstricted
to their “KRAs”. They are encouraged to explore other responsibilities in the accounting space
which makes them all-rounders in their field.

Key Beliefs

At the start of every month, we will make sure that the process of
data sharing takes place digitally or via our runner boy network.

Ownership Mindset

Each of us takes great
pride in what we do.


Communication & Transparency

It makes work awesome for our team members and customers.


Customer Service

We strive to delight our
customers daily.



On time with our routine and deliverables.


Continuous Learning

Our pursuit of knowledge is insatiable.

Our Teams

Our teams help us accomplish our mission of making accounting and finance
operations a breeze for our every business owner! This process requires sound
financial knowledge and skill to perform this in an efficient and diligent manner

There are 6 Teams:

  • Accounting, Tax, Reporting
  • Customer Relations
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Talent Acquisition

Current Openings

We have over 50 Savages working at our Mumbai headquarters—from accountants to designers and everything in between.

This is

Cant find a perfect fit?

We’re always on the lookout for good talent!
Drop us an email.