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Hydrogen Bottle


1.5L HYDROGEN WATER Per Day is equivalent to antioxidant value of hundreds of fruits and Vegetables. Eliminates harmful free radicals and returns good health.

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Why Hydrogen Water is important?.

    • This water is Fight with CORONA Virus
    • Negative 500 ORP value is high Antioxidant Value
    • R.O water and Bottle water is Positive ORP
    • Suitable for All age groups

Secret of Hydrogen-rich Water

  1. Easy to absorb Hydrogen-rich water belongs to small molecular clusters and is easy to absorb and penetrate.
  2. Strong affinity hydrogen-rich water belongs to negative potential water and has more affinity with the weak alkaline of human body fluids.
  3. Balance the body The hydrogen-rich water content is rich in active hydrogen, making it easier to balance.
  4. Equivalent to the Antioxidant Five cups of hydrogen-rich Water a day is equivalent to 45 Lettuce, 3.7 Pumpkins, 516 Apples, 756 Bananas, 38 Carrots.

Additional Information

1 Hydrogen content >=1200PPb 7 ORP: -500~0mv
2 Power Supply: -USB /5V 1.5A 8 lithium battery: 1500mAh
3 Charging time: 4Hr 9 each work time: 3min
4 Full power work times: more than 20times 10 Water: -10℃-65℃
5 Cup body Material Stainless steel + TRITAN 11 Cup Body: anti-aging, anti-hydrolysis, high temperature resistance, drop resistance, easy to clean
6 Volume: 400ml 12 Product size: 70×70×245mm
7 Net.W.: 385g 14 Gross.W.: 685g

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